Examples of MSc Research

Taylor your Msc research, choose a research topic of your interest

The two universities offer a broad range of  MSc research topics in the field of Geoinformation Science and its applications for environmental modelling and natural resource management.  You can choose one of the pre-defined topics but of course you can also develop your own topic or you may develop a topic which fits the needs from your organisation. You may go out to collect your own field data or you may decide to work with data from your organisation.

Examples of MSc topics and research previously carried out by MSc students at both universities are here:

Natura 2000 monitoring tool development: Monitoring Impacts on Biodiversity Conservation Policies in a Natura 2000 landscape across inter-national borders;Biologically and physically both sides of the International border are the same; land tenure, land use zoning and nature conservation history contrasts are reflected in landscape fragmentation and bio-diversity….

Monitoring Forest Stability: Degradation of forests has serious implications in terms of biodiversity, productivity and carbon storage. Due to the close canopy that most forests have, applying classical remote sensing based on visible- and near infrared broad band sensors does not give satisfactory results to detect degradation….

Modeling biodiversity and species distribution in relation to climate change in southern Spain: The aim of the Andalusia Biodiversity Project is to model the distribution of plants (threatened plants and habitats), animals (terrestrial vertebrates), and ecological processes (productivity and biomass quality) in Andalusia in a land-use and climatic
change scenario….

Global Tree Line dynamics: Climate change is expected to raise average global temperatures with at least 2 degrees by 2050. However, this change in mean temperature will not be exactly the same everywhere. In some places actually cooling might occur, while at other places increases by more than two degrees are expected….

Habitat use of the endangered endemic Cretan Capricorn and impact of domestic goats: Due to increasing livestock population (goats) the Capricorn population become threatened because of hybridization. As the Capricorn is difficult to locate little is known of their actual habitat use during the different seasons….

Quantification of Ecosystem services in forest based ecosystems: Forests and woodlands are known for their contribution to rural livelihoods through production of food, fuel wood, and medicine. However, forests and other natural ecosystem also provide less tangible goods and services that are fundamental for human life such as sequestration of carbon, biodiversity conservation, watershed protection, erosion prevention, (micro-) climate control, etc.

Biodiversity Pattern and Process of Coral Reef in Indonesia: Scientists believe that Indonesian coral reefs are among the richest in the world with regard to their diversity or species richness. Unfortunately coral reefs weak to anthropogenic and natural disturbances such as: pollution from the land, destructive fishing practises, sedimentation, tsunami, bleaching due to global warming and others…..

Airborne Lidar data for mapping biomass and carbon: Forest covers nearly one-third of the earth’s land surface and accounts for almost half its terrestrial carbon pool. UNFCCC has considered the need to reducing carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) as one of the central efforts to combat climate change….



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