Study duration

Tailor your time by adjusting your study tempo to your needs

The study load of the entire programme  is equivalent to 2 years full time study (120 ECTS). The duration of the degree programme is flexible in the sense that you can decide to study  full time and part time. As part time student you can study at 50 or 25% study tempo.   The actual duration is proportionally longer if you want to study part-time. For example, if you study at 50% study tempo it will take you 4 years to complete the programme. You may adjust your study load according to your own wishes. Each semester you can decide on the study tempo and the number of courses you want to take. This can be very useful when you have a busy period at work, you can simply decide to your study tempo to 25 % for one semester, and continue at 50% study tempo again in the next semester.

The maximum time to complete the entire degree programme is 6 years.

The European Union (EU) has developed a European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to allow easy comparison of the study loads of courses within Europe. In the iGEON programme we have adopted this system as a means of improving academic recognition for study abroad. The programme is offered on semester basis with 30 ECTS per semester at full time study tempo. 5 ECTS equals approximately 140 hours of study.

Several elective courses are offered in parallel during the semester. Depending on your study tempo you may take one, two, three or more elective courses during a semester.

Individual courses

Each course in the iGEON programme can also be studied as an individual (short) course. This means you don’t have to enroll in the full MSc programme but you can simply enroll in the course of your interest.   Individual courses  have a duration which varies from 3 to 12 weeks full time study, depending on their study load. The study load (in ECTS) is mentioned in the course description.

Starting times

The degree programme starts twice per year, in September of January.

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