Geographic information

it's all about maps and images

Maps and satellite images, or in other words ‘Geographic information’, are at the core of the iGEON programme. With the use of satellite data the state of our environment and changes therein can easily be monitored. Satellite images are widely available these days and in combination with maps, are frequently used in planning and management of our environment

In the  iGEON programme you will learn to look at these images and extract  information from them. You will learn to make maps that show the quality of our environment. You will learn to make maps  that show distribution of species or availability of food. You will learn to simulate the changes in our environment due to climate change, determine areas at risk of flooding or drought. You will learn to detect forest fires and assess impact of tourism on protected areas. In short, the content of the  iGEON programme is very broad and we encourage you to explore the variety of study options. It is very likely that you will find something of your interest.

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