Study with maximum flexibility in content, place and time

The iGEON programme is a high quality Master of Science programme through e-learning with focus  on  Geographic Information Systems and Earth Observation for Environmental Modeling and Natural Resource Management. In the iGEON programme you gain knowledge on topics that are currently high on the international agenda, such as food security, water management and climate change. In addition you become an expert in the rapidly expanding field of geographic information systems and remote sensing.

The iGEON programme offers maximum flexibility in study planning:

  1. Content: the programme evolves around the application of Geoinformation. Making use of specific expertise of both partners a wide variety of elective courses has been developed. This large number of electives allows you to develop your own profile within the broad field of environmental management, which includes many thematic areas, in particular forestry, agriculture and spatial ecology.
  2. Study location : you can study the whole programme through e-learning from a location of your choice. However, most courses are similar to on-campus courses that are offered at the two participating universities in Enschede and Lund, you have also the possibility to attend one or several of these courses on campus.
  3. Study duration: you can chose to study full time or part time. The study load of a distance education programme is the same as for a similar study on campus. But it makes a tremendous difference when you can plan your study moments and fit them into your daily schedule.
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