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Introduction to Natural resource management

Introduction to natural resource management - 5 ects

Did you ever wonder where, when and how we change our environment?

Every day we buy products, produce waste and try to conserve nature.

We may do something in one place and cause problems elsewhere. How to make good decisions about exploitation or conservation? Learn what maps can do in Natural Resources Management (NRM). Subscribe to our course “Introduction to Natural Resources Management.

This course is part of the iGEON e-Learning Programme.


This course aims at teaching you how to make and communicate relevant spatial information to avoid or solve NRM problems.

It also provides you a scientific attitude in analytical reasoning and critical thinking when working with geographical data and products.


We need scientifically sound NRM decisions. Especially now that “biobased” and “green” are hot economical sales arguments. What are the consequences of biobased and green? To find answers involves a multi-actor, multi-purpose and multi-disciplinary approach.

The course builds further on your professional background by sharing with and learning from others.

We emphasize a systems approach. This means we train you in breaking down complex NRM problems into manageable pieces. You will be challenged to unravel cause effect relationships and to select the appropriate spatial variables to be measured. Practicing geo-information techniques to quantify impacts enables you to solve natural resource management problems in your home situation.


The puzzle of natural resource management

Detailed description

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