Natural Resource Management Domain

Spatial temporal models for food security

Spatial temporal models for food security - 5 ECTS

In this course you will learn how to map and monitor agricultural (rain fed and irrigated) crops on a national or continental scale using remote sensing, GIS, and Mobile-GIS technologies. You will learn how to map in order to make justified crop area estimation (input for monitoring, modeling and planning of the agricultural sector) and to monitor past and present land use changes (for planning), and assessing present crop conditions (for early warning).

This will be achieved through use of the most modern satellite imagery and analysis methods, with emphasis on space-time cubes of imagery to map and monitor system performances, changes and processes.

In practice, gained knowledge serves (amongst others) a wide range of specific advisory work:

  • Preparation of actual inventories and land cover/use maps.
  • Generation spatial details of crop calendars and other crop management aspects, including land based constraints and perils.
  • Quantified yield gap assessments for land use planning, specifications of advice for extension services, work agenda priorization by research stations, and policy-making considerations.

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