iGEONDegrees and certificatesAn online learning environment

Study alone without being lonely

We are aware that an online study can, at times, be a lonely experience. However, as a student of the iGEON programme you will never feel alone!

By making use of readily available modern tools like skype, online discussion boards and wikis, you will interact online with your fellow students, while working on your  assignments.  You are encouraged to exchange ideas and discuss problems, just like you would do in a classroom. With the help of modern IT technology contact with teachers and fellow students is at your finger tips.



In this programme the approach of task based learning will be applied. The learning process revolves around a series of clearly defined tasks and each task results in an output that has to be submitted to your teacher. Video lectures and other online activities have a supporting role. You will learn  through direct application of subject knowledge in a task that reflects a real life situation.

Innovative digital tools and techniques are used to create a learning environment that reflects the traditional classroom, or even a fieldwork, as much as possible. You will become a scientist, fluent in the use of modern tools to communicate with colleagues and to network with fellow scientists, all over the world, using the most trending communication technology.