GIS and biodiversity

GIS and Biodiversity - 7.5 ects


This Internet-based e-learning course deals with different aspects of biodiversity: the convention on biological diversity, the present situation of biodiversity and biodiversity and GIS. It contains six course modules:

•What is biodiversity? – Introduction to biodiversity.

•Genetic diversity – The genetic concept, sampling design and studies of genetic diversity.

•Species diversity – Factors of species diversity, regional and local species pools and indices of diversity, richness and evenness.

•Landscape diversity – Fragmentation, cultural landscape and indices of landscape structure.

•Global change and biodiversity – Ecosystem functioning, global biome distribution and species (wild and domestic) response to climate change.

•Student project – Exploring biodiversity in a country/region by using data that is available on Internet and the tools/programs included in the course.

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