iGEONiGEON Content2nd Block: ElectivesEnvironmental Applications DomainGIS and spatially distributed Hydrological modelling

GIS and spatially distributed Hydrological modelling

GIS and Spatially distributed Hydrological Modelling - 7.5 ects

Water is a factor that affects nature, ecosystems, humans, society, economy – and water is geographical. Hydrology is present in one way or another all over the globe. Humans have a need to know where the water is, is going, is coming from, how much there is and for how long it will be there. To be able to answer these questions, spatially distributed hydrological modelling, is used.

Hydrology in the landscape forms the bases of this course and this together with a broad introduction to different kinds of hydrological models is taught in the first part of the course.

Then the course deals with hydrological modelling in different spatial contexts. Overall goals are to theoretically and practically give the students knowledge about possibilities and problems related to digital geographical data in hydrological modelling, spatially and temporally. Both the scientific/technical aspects as well as societal values of modelling and modelling results are included in the course. The course is given with both theoretical and practical (computer exercises) parts.

The hands-on modelling assignments in the course cover the the following:

detailed description

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