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Information for current students

Courses Timetable 

This is the time table for the courses hosted by Faculty ITC, University of Twente. Students do not need to register for UTwente based compulsory courses, once they completed registration at the University of Twente. For elective courses students should send an email with their choices no later than 3 weeks before the start of the elective course.

- As of October 2019 the course Introduction to NRM is replaced by the course Systems approach to NRM
- As of December 2019 the course Mapping and monitoring is replaced by Earth Observation for NRM
- Students who started in the ''old'' version of these courses but did not complete them have to re-start on the current version because content has changed considerably.
-For details please read the course descriptions

Note: Tasks in not-completed UT/ITC courses remain valid for 2 years. Within 2 years you need to pass the exam and the course.
Note: Courses marked in red have finished

Below also a table with all the courses in 2020/2021 offered by Lund University.

Please note that after the first semester of studies, *ALL* LU courses must be applied for in advance. The application period for Spring courses is open between mid-September and mid-October preceding the semester, and the application period of Autumn courses is open between mid-March and mid-April preceding the semester.  Exact dates for these application periods vary from year to year, and can be found here.