iGEONStudy 25% of the programme at UT/ITC and get a double degree

Make your own study plan

Dutch law requires that students who wish to get a double degree study at least 25% of their programme in the Netherlands. The iGEON programme has several options if you plan to study for a double degree:

  1. You start the programme with the first 3 compulsory courses fully at distance and study at your own study tempo (100%, 50%, or 25%). After completion, you come to study to UT/ITC and join the domain specific modules of the Natural Resource Management block 2 (module 5-10 of the NRM study guide, 30 ECTS).  This option has the advantage that at an early stage, the student can interact with fellow students and staff in person, and have a lot of time to discuss the chosen research topic with various staff. After completion of this block you continue with your study at a distance.
  2. You join the research skills module (5 ECTS) at UT/ITC, followed by a selection of two advanced modules (10 ECTS), module 14/15 research preparation and proposal writing (10 ECTS). See also the NRM study guide, block 3. After proposal defence, the student spends time with his/her supervisor finishing the research methodology (5 ECTS) before returning to the home country for completion of the MSc research. This option provides the student with a solid preparation for the research phase and time for exchange of ideas with the supervisor. With a coherent and fully developed research plan the student returns to the home country.
  3. You carry out your entire research project (30 ECTS) at UT/ITC. This option will be interesting for (part-time) students who wish to fully concentrate on the thesis.  AT UT/ITC you will be embedded in the research group and work closely with your supervisor.  You will work in a research ambiance and when needed, have support from fellow students.
  4. This option is especially interesting for part-time (50% and 25%) students who like to benefit from the wide range of face to face advanced courses (block 3) available at UT/ITC and cannot stay at UT/ITC for 6 modules in a row.  In year 1 you start with 2 advanced topics (10 ECTS) in UT/ITC, then return home to study on-line elective courses. In year 2 you take another two advanced courses face to face in ITC in combination with module 14/15 research preparation (20 ECTS)

Other trajectories are also possible after careful planning and in agreement with the programme coordinators.


Students who wish to study 25%  or 6 months of the programme at UTwente/ITC in the Netherlands should be prepared to pay for accommodation and living. The total costs are estimated to be approximatelly € 6,000. This information is meant as an indication of an average student budget for this suggested 6 month stay. The following costs are included in this budget:

Students who enter the program through the Swedish University admissions and who don't pay fees for the online courses will have to pay tuition fee when studying on campus. This fee is currently € 8,125 for 6 months.

Check the ITC course calendar for start dates of modules and plan your study. Make sure you discuss your plan timely (at least 3 months before your intended study in the Netherlands) with the programme coordinators at UT/ITC and Lund University.

(*) Insurance costs for EU/EEA students depend on policies of insurance companies in home country. EU/EEA students can opt for additional insurance of € 10-€ 25 per month. This insurance covers costs of liability, household contents and luggage, legal aid and extra costs.