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Compulsory Courses Overview

Interesting for novices, challenging for the more experienced students

The programme starts with a set of compulsory courses which are the same for all students and have to be successfully completed before you can start on the elective courses. The compulsory courses are useful for novices in Geographic Information Systems because they provide you with a solid basis in geographic information systems. But also if you have already some experience in the use of a GIS you will find these courses interesting. You will learn state of the art technology and the teachers will find ways to challenge you.


The iGEON programme starts with compulsory courses in GIS (15 ECTS) and Remote Sensing (10 ECTS). In many practical exercises you will get hands-on experience and learn to carry out the most common operations independently. After completing the GIS and the Remote Sensing courses,  you are introduced to concepts and principles of Natural Resource Management (7,5 ECTS), where  sustainability issues are discussed, environmental problems analysed and GIS and Remote Sensing are applied in forestry, ecology and agriculture.
This course is followed by a Statistics course (5 ECTS) and a compulsory course in which you learn concepts, advanced tools and techniques for Earth Observation for natural resources management (7,5 ECTS).
You have to pass all compulsory courses before you can continue with the elective courses.

Compulsory courses: