Detailed Description of Introduction to NRS

Systems approach for the management of Natural Resources (7,5 ECTS)

Everything you eat, use or do has an impact. Doing something in one place may cause a problem somewhere else. How to keep our planet alive and healthy? Learn how maps and Earth observation can help in taking the right decisions. Subscribe to our course “Systems approach for the management of natural resources”


This course aims to teach you:

The puzzle of natural resource managementThe puzzle of natural resource management


We need scientifically-sound NRM decisions. Especially now that “climate change impacts”, “bio-based” and “green” are hot but frequently misused in economical sales arguments. What are and where do we see the consequences of climate change, bio-based and green? How do we balance exploitation and conservation of resources on our planet? To find answers involves skills in developing conceptual models. We train you in breaking down complex NRM problems into manageable pieces. You will be challenged to unravel cause effect relationships and to select the appropriate spatial variables to be measured. Practicing application and communication of geo-information will help you solving natural resource management problems in your home situation. 


Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

Besides dealing with the concepts of NRM, you will be further trained in basic academic skills. These will help you in courses to come and as a professional in future projects and research. 

You also will be able to:

Course content

Topics that you will deal with:


Entrance requirements

Basic admission of the Faculty ITC of the University of Twente and of Lund University and basics in remote sensing and GIS.