iGEONiGEON Content3rd Block: Compulsory courses

The final stage...

In the final stage of the iGEON programme you execute your individual research on a topic of your choice and you write a thesis. Staff may suggest suitable topics to you which fit the research themes of the Departments involved in iGEON. Of course you may  also suggest a topic which is relevant for the organization where you work or which fits your personal interest. The topic has to fit in the research themes of one of the Universities.

In the compulsory  course Research methodology you learn how to carry out independent research and during the course on Proposal writing  you learn to further develop your ideas and convert them to an acceptable proposal.

In the proposal writing course you develop a proposal for their thesis research. These proposals have to be defended before a Proposal Assessment Committee (PAC), consisting of a Professor, a supervisor and some other staff. Upon approval of the proposal you may continue to actually pursuit the  research.

Click here for some examples of research previously carried out by students, or suggestions of topics

At the end of the research part of the iGEON programme you present and defend your thesis for a Thesis Assessment Committee.

Required courses in this part