Algorithms in GIS

Algorithms in GIS - 7.5 ECTS

In the basic courses you have been learnt how to use a GIS system. The aim of this course is to study how the GIS system works with focus on the algorithms used.The course gives thorough theoretical and practical knowledge about the most common spatial algorithms, such as computing the distance between geometric objects, finding the shortest route in a network, point-in-polygon analysis etc. The lectures provide the theory about the algorithms and then, in the exercises, you will implement the algorithms yourself. The programming language used in this course is Matlab. It is not required that you have experience in Matlab before since there is an optional Matlab tutorial in the beginning in the course. But it is required that you have experience of at least one programming language. If you have not programmed before, you are not recommended to attend this course.

The course ends with a project work. In this project work you either do a programming task or a literature study of current standards in the field.

By reading this course you will get a deeper understanding of how a GIS system works. This knowledge is essential for evaluating all type of geographical analyses since it provides a critical view of how a GIS system works.

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