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Environmental Engineering Domain

The Environmental engineering track:

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This domain focuses on the tools: the knowledge and skills to master them and to tailor different applications for end users. The courses in this domain involve databases, algorithms and programming theory as well as practical skills to master high-tech IT solutions. You will also learn how to distribute geographical information on the internet and acquire the skills to build interfaces that improves the accessibility to geographical information for the non-expert user, such as scientists from different fields, companies and the general public. Naturally the concepts and availability of open source solutions for GIS are also covered in one of the elective courses recommended for this track. In the courses, the environmental focus is however strong throughout all examples and applications that are used to exemplify different techniques, which means that this domain is very suitable for students with a background from the environment sector. Examples could be Physical Geography, Ecology, Biology, Agriculture and Forestry, but also from more technical under graduate programmes such as Water engineering, Soil conservation engineering, etc.