Web GIS - 7.5 ECTS

The web has profoundly changed the use of maps and geographical analysis. What earlier was made only by specialist using GIS programs can to a certain extent be done by everyone using a web browser. In this course you will learn about the main techniques behind this technological shift. From a theoretical perspective you will study techniques for publishing, visualizing and accessing maps on Internet. This includes standard web techniques such as the markup languages HTML and XML as well as scripting languages such as JavaScript. You will then get experience of these techniques in the exercises where you will build static and interactive web mapping systems. You will also learn to work with specific program for creating web GIS application with focus on open source software.

Web GIS is essential for the emerging Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). But for creating an SDI it is essential to use appropriate standards in the field. In this course you will learn about the main standards in Web GIS (from Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC) and how they can be used for e.g. creating a geoportal.

Web GIS is a broad topic that includes more than only technology. In this course you will e.g. study web cartography, including design rules for creating nice and useful maps on the web. You will also have a seminar about legal and ethical aspects of handling geographic information on the web.

The course ends with a project work where you create your own web map service.

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