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Forestry, ecology and agriculture

In the elective part of the programme you are free to select from all available courses. To facilitate your choice of courses three suggested tracks have been developed. Each track leads to a specific profile and is linked to job prospects.

The Natural Resource Management track: this track is especially interesting for you if you work or intend to work in ecology, forestry, agriculture or related fields. You will learn to develop an understanding of, and competence in modern methods of working with spatial data, for example to assess the world-wide food security situation or to contribute to climate change mitigation. The track emphasizes the multidisciplinary aspects of natural resources management, in various group work activities you will learn to interact with scientist from different disciplines and with different interest. The track also offers the opportunity for in-depth study in a particular field of interest, for example environmental science, ecology, forestry or agriculture.

managing our natural resources for the benefit of people and planet

Managing our natural resources for the benefit of people and planet

The following courses are part of this track: