capita selecta - 5 ects

Finding tools to study our environment

Have you frequently felt that trees obscured you from seeing the wood? Maybe you felt similar when looking at environmental data. There is so much data out there that it may become daunting. A big question is how to extract relevant information from it?

This is where tools come in. Only with tools a researcher can transform data into information. To think about the tools that you may need, and prepare yourself for your MSc research, subscribe to our course “Capita Selecta”.

This course is part of the iGEON Distance Learning Programme.


This course aims at providing an overview of available tools (methods) for data analysis and processing in relation to your upcoming research project. After a critical selection you will gain experience in applying the tool to extract information from existing data.

materiaal anton


The course first provides a broad overview of current state-of-the-art data analysis and processing methods within research themes, i.e. spatial ecology, agriculture and food security, or forestry. After this you will search for key articles that describe advanced data analysis methods with relevance for the MSc topic. The articles should provide alternatives for performing a specific key analysis of the MSc thesis. After listing pros and cons of the identified methods, you will select a method. Based on available data, you will then gain experience in applying the method to real data. Your MSc-thesis supervisor plays an important role guiding you in this module.

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